ATTAC Portugal envia mensagem a companheiros alemães

04-11-2011 16:57

A ATTAC Alemanha estará na rua, no dia 12 de Novembro, junatamente com outras organizações sociais, para protestar contra a soberania do sistema financeiro. Berlim e Frankfurt são as cidades escolhidas para acção, na qual será lida a mensagem da ATTAC Portugal:

Dear friends ,

We in Attac Portugal salude you for keeping up the fight against the austeritarism imposed on europe by Angela Merkel and the other leaders. The role Germany has been assuming in the leadership of this crisis makes your resistance even more important.

Now its not about being Portuguese or Greek or German. Its about the people standing up against an economic regime that is willing to crush workers, whereever they are, for the benefit of the financial system. Now it is the time to say that the capitalist system brought us here and it won't stop until we stop it!

Attac has been fighting this system for years. We were right! In Portugal we are keeping up the fight against policies that are already ruining the dreams and prospects of the whole population. These policies are destroying workers rights at high speed and breaking apart all the social protections that took years of strugle to build.

We know from the Greek example, but also from simple common sense, that all this sacrifice just keeps making the economy worse. We know that there are alternatives and count on all our networks to help us make people believe and fight for them. Another Europe is possible!